Sunday, October 21, 2007

Rotex Weekend

Quote from Nelly:

"in summary: SEVERUS SNAPE!! real chocolate chip cookies, not being able to open windows without being yelled at, trampoline of death, vertical spooning, maggies incredible HILARIOUS stories, random hiking, good conversations, seeing everyone again, and just getting away! it was fuhhhh reaking cold tho!"

Yep... so true.

This weekend I had a rotary weekend, well, rotex.

It was amazing.

I went from Sarnen to Luzern and met up with people. And we went to Bern. Ramiro got in a sleeping bag and sang the worm song he wrote. It was crazy. Double decker train. And then we met up with the Bern kids and we headed to some random town.

Our train hit a person.... we were quite late because of that.

We arrived, it was cold, and we were in teams.

My team`s name was the, well, Granny Maggies.

I can tell, you are impressed.

It consisted of Fernando, Jorge, Jayme, and Liam.

We pretty much... did not dominate.

We went inside.

Lots of hanging out.

We ate lots of Amarettes cookies.

And then there was the bed issue. There was no no no room for everyone. So we had a bed made for some 8 or 9 people... I think we had 13 of us on it? I was quite warm that night.

Each group had to come up with an activity for the night. Games ranged from murder dance parties to human knots to charades to snazzy skits with Severous Snape (as Miss Nelly mentioned above).

And we sat around some more... and there was this crazy bench thingy with fire under it so it was quite quite quite warm.

And we had Alpermagronnen for dinner.

We all brought desserts.

And we all had fun on the trampoline.

Later that night everyoone was in bed, but I was not tired. So some of us went up to the guys rooms. And all of a sudden I went on this story mode. No details there.

Next day, woke up, ate, made sandwhiches, went for a hike, it was excessively cold.

Good times though, just talking with everyone about everything. Really refreshing.

And then we went home.

A rotex person drove me, Jorge, and Jessica home so we got home in around 1.5 hours instead of 3 hours.

That was my weekend.

Pics are here:

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Caitie said...

A couple things

1) That sounds like a BLAST!!!!!! I wish I could do something like that! Oh well. that is so good that you got to do something like that!

2) Bed? Explain the 7-8 person bed thing. That bed soubds HUGE! And, was it all of you in that one bed? (boys and girls)(I know that you would be perfectly fine, because Maggie, you hold your convictions pretty well and hey, who would something bad. I think nobody. yeah. But just wondering)

3) Those games! Can I hear more about those?

4) Visiting with the guys. Sigh, I know how that is. People always thing you are up to no good or way way weird. In orchestra last year, we were all so not tired and really bored so we all talked, until Mr. Clayton said it was time to break it up. darn.

5) I am so glad you get to do things like this! that is so great! I am so happy for you! I just wish we could talk more! Because a lot is going on right now and I want you to be a part of it...well not in the bad sense, but in the sense that you know what is going on! I love you and I hope we can talk more later!