Thursday, October 4, 2007

Nach Basel

All the AFSers were headed to Basel... so naturally I had to impose mysefl upon them.

Me and Kristen and Amarette (Rotary Representatives :P) Joined us to head to the more so Northwestern Area of Switzerland.

Basel... sounds like an herb eh?


That`s right! Say it out loud. You know you want to.

Anyways, we had around a 1.5 hour, I think, hour train ride to our lovely town of Basel.

Lots of pics.

You all know me.. so naturally I will be vain and put up pics of myself. But trust me, I have hundreds more. Cause that is just how life lives...

See Mom? I am still as normal as ever.

We arrived in Basel... it was one sweeeet train ride. So beatiful!

And I was quite sick that entire day and felt like crap.

Anyways... Amarette, of Bernish areas, met up with us there.

We decided to catch a tram.

While the AFS folks bought tickets, I was amused with the pigeons.

And we went to the Market Platz.

I really can not pull off sunglasses.. I felt like a bug.

Bern is the best place for shopping.

Me and Amarette and Kristen went to a Kebab place (where else?) for lunch and ate by the Rine.. Rhyme, Rhyne. I don`t know how to spell it.

Then we took a ninja cool boat ride across the water where we saw the AFS kids again.

The boat dude sang for me!

And then we went shopping, of course, and I wish I had more money. Sigh. What a life. So many clothes. I found many items.. I ended up buying one shirt.

They picked out this shirt for me to try on.. sadly, it was not in my stupid stupid budget. But I don't think it would have kept me warm this winter. So I had to take a picture of it and let that be enough for me.


And we hung out at some fountain for a while.

It was overall a wonderful day... I should write more but it is 2:50 at night. I normally go to bed at 10:00... but tonight I am blogging a bit to get that out of the way way way. Cause it is in my head and I must get it out. For me. For you. For my foot.

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Caitie said...

Ok, one comment for all those blogs.

You updated!! Yeah! I probally check this area twice a day for updates! I crave info! Imiss you! :)

That sleepover sounds like an absolute blast! You told me some already and I am so happy for you! Soubds amazing! I'm glad you have found some church friends! how encouraging! The pajamas sound so delighting! I wish there were pictures!

Your trip sounds amazing! I wish I could have been there...actually anywhere but here! I am so excited to hear more! You look absolutly cute in those glasses. I Aviators are just amazing on everybody. That shirt is cute too!

I wish to talk to you later! I get off of school at 10, and get on probally around 11?