Monday, September 24, 2007

Conform, Confirm, Connect

Well, I finally feel like I am with it... well, know what I am doing in a sense that I have a reutine developed.

This day in history... last year on this day, it was Sunday and Chris and Lexi held a gathering slash party and we pretty much had an epic time and I talked to the crazy druggie guy who asked me for Rittalin. And I called the waitress Marsha and so forth. Quite epic I thinks.

I think I look the same...

[i was cold... looks like I am posing]

Another shout out session to Hannah Russel (epic present!), Sarah Wyler (more presents!!), and Kristen (perfect`!)... goodness I feel loved. And just a random shout out to Whit cause he sent me a really encouraging note with exactly what I needed at the moment.

Anyways, right now in school we are doing project week, but my host brother wants to play some random war game on the computer and I wish to stay on his good side. Anyways, for project week I have my group... and then I have my group that is not my group but is a group which I am in which is not one of which I am a member.. crane fly!

That`s pretty much life.

This weekend went hiiking with Rotary in the mountains, it was beautiful.

Friday night had youth group which was really good for me.


Yep... that`s life.


Caitie said...

Yrah! That is exciting! very cool!!!! Well Ocean shores...I believe you saw one of those pics...but it was not the was so FUNNY! I was laughing so hard I was crying and I could not look at Whit or Matt. It was so terrible and creepy. Loads of fun though! I miss you and want to talk to you!


Suzie said...

Wow Maggie, your life continues to be extraordinary. I finally found and read your blog. It's jam packed with wonderful memories and stories that I am sure you will treasure for many years to come. Happy belated birthday Maggie. I hope life continues to treat you well.
Best wishes Suzie.