Monday, September 10, 2007

First Day of "School" School

My first day of schoool had no school at all.

We went hiking!

Which is perfeckt, cause I got to meet everyone.

Ok, High Cap kids and Pace kids, only you will be able to understand this. Maybe some Christian School Kids.

Anyways, this class has been together since Kindergarten, give or take a few people. And hence, everyone is freinds. Everyone is included. Its cool. I`m told that it isn`t always.. sometimes there are groups within the class. But in my class, they are all friends... and I can`t sense any friction: they know each other so well.

I have 13 girls.

And 2 guys.

Alright, I admit I am a bit disapointed about thast one little factor.

We took the train up to Brunnig pass and hiked back down to Giswil. A 2 hour hike we made last 4 hours as we stopped at churches and ate by the lake.

It was beautiful just walking through the hills and mountains and by the lake.

And there are random fountains everywhere.. and you can drink from them! Not drinking fountains, just sort of fountains.

And the public bathroom was as clean as my host familie`s bathroom!

And I tried to say, "Those are huge fish" but they started to laugh.. I guess I said I wanted to kiss the fish.. oops!

So, yeah, they were pretty inclusive.

My ankle didn`t do so good.

The teacher drove me almost all the way home :P

It was pretty grand. Can`t wait for tomarrow.

No idea what it will be like.

But I am so greatful I got to know my classmates ahead of time in this kind of enviroment.

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