Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Friday in Luzern with the Girls

[pic by amarette]

Friday was quite refreshing.

It was me, Amarette, Beccca, and Kristen.

A lot of the day involved helping out English speaking tourists.

We heard some English, I was urged to go approach them. So I said... rawther loudly, "Does anyone here speak English?" to which they turned their heads.

And naturally, all doors were then open wide for a conversation.

Funny thing about being in a foreign country. Just having language as a common thing automatically connects you in multipul ways.

They came from Australia and were on vacataion. Just arrived today. We told them, as we tell everyone, who we are and yes, we really are here for a year and will miss our family.

And the topic got to Tim Tams somehow...

And I have eaten them. But one of the ladies asked if I had really eaten one.. the right way. Which just so happend to be quite complex with holes and hot drinks.

And she was amazingly epic and mentioned causally how she would/could send me some as I hadn`t had it proper.. I dunno if she was serious.. but I naturally jumped onto that. I do love those Tim Tams. And she now has my address and blog address.

And when they come, I shall share them with some folks for a Tim Tam Time of Tissues!

That wonderful lady could be reading this.. hopefully so!

I am horrible at names.

But they were quite a loverly bunch of folks, I enjoyed speaking to them.

It was Amarettes first time in Luzern so we tried to get her to some of the important sights.

The Old City.
The Lion.
The Churches.
The Water Tower.
The Chappel Bridge.
The Water Front.
The. The.

And naturally, we got a wee bit sidetracked along the way.

We were heading to the Lion Monument when some latino looking boys, around the age of 10 or so, called out to us. Trying to get some girls? Um. No.

But there was a park.. and I do love a good park. And so did everyone else.

We ended up hanging out there for some.. um.. I dunno. Quite the while.

We just swang. bounced. and played soccer.

The boys from earlier were there and had a old, deflated, grey soccer balll.. it was perfekt.

I wouldn`t have wanted it any other way.

[my best attempt at being a ganster... sigh]

[I just wasn`t cut out for looking cool.. hehe]

We listened to music... lots of it.

Hillsong, Chris Rice, Chris Tomlin, Brittany Spears, Backstreet Boys, Christmas Music, Michael Bublè.

And eventually it was time to move on...

And we went to the Lion Monument.

And were approached by some tourists.. and they spoke English. We ended up talking with tme for a good while. They were on a, um, Sabatical? With the Baptist church. They were really pleasent to talk to and I found it quite refreshing. We walked around a bit with them, showed them how to get the the water tower. I felt so bad, as they had just lost their camera.. with all 600 pictures of their trip, just a few days before. The man even ended up being a Rotarian. And they may be reading this blog as well. Ooh, and they were from South Carolina.. which made me think of the Wilkersons.

And we had Kebabs after that, they were amazingly good... as usual. I do love a good Kebab.


And then we walked along the water front, and there was a band playing some traditional music.

So we danced our way around the waterfront... and I was laughing and smiling and it just felt good. No guilt. No thoughts of anything else. Just pure bliss.

This is what exchange is about.

This is how you can make a Maggie happy.

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