Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday To me.. Swiss Style

Happy Birthday to me?

God really is faithful.

Emily recently reminded me to let God, let Jesus be my expectations, and then I won`t be disappointed.

He never fails does he?

Last night I decided that for my birthday, I wanted a sunny day.. not hot, just sunny. To day was absolutely perfect. I sang, “God is So Good” on my bike as I rode to school after lunch.

Anyways, in the morning, I had a lovely card from my sister on my plate! Already, my day was turning out good.

Even though my host brother refused to acknowledge my birthday after the blatant prodding of my host parents. It just made me laugh. They were like, “It`s Maggie`s birthday…” and he would just read the paper. And then they would say, “Aren`t you going to wish her a happy birthday?” and he gave me a blank stare. It didn`t phase me a bit. Honestly.

Anyways, it was time to head to school.

It was cold.

I walked into school and my entire class was there as we had a later start today. And pretty soon, they were all giving me hugs. Yep. I got sooo many hugs and happy birthdays. One at a time, they each gave me a hug. I was on a natural high. And I was no longer cold.

And then Romy pulled out a bagfor me!

My class is amazing, really they are.

So anyways, the bag was a huge epic Migros Budget bag with Migros Budget written all over it.. I was happy already… excessively happy.

And I look inside.. and there was so much stuff! And almost everything had a connection to me or what they knew about me.

First was Swiss chocolate… a bajillion chocolate frogs and a candy bar that would put the King Sized Hershey Bars to shame.

And then, the first day I met my class, one of the girls, Conie, had these Dancers. They are a chip cracker puff thingy and amazing. And I loved them. And was awe when I tasted them. And so there was a bag of that.

They also know that everyday, I eat a Knopper. It is like a hazelnut wafer cookie thing. I love them. And so they had two of those.

And then the nonfood items…

In Switzerland, the kids in elementary have to write with fountain pens. And it carries on later. So they all have these amazing pens.

I looked into buying one once, but didn`t have the money. They aren`t cheap.

And I love to use theirs. They are fun to use.. jep. And the best part is the MagicStick.. it literally erases the pen. It is amazing and like nothing I have ever seen. It leaves no trace. And so quite often, I use their MagicSticks and pens and make things disappear.

In my bag was my very own pen.

It was red with clouds and an angel and perfect.

And there was my very own MagicStick with the “Super Pirat” on it.

By the time I got to that, I was all smiles and practically speechless.. all I could say was “Danke!”

And On top of that, there was a cell phone case with “Migros Budget” all over it.. and it is perfect for my phone.

And there was a card, and each of the students had signed it.

I was soo touched, cause each of them, literally each of them, even the guys, had chipped in to help buy this for me. Each of them were amazing. I felt soo happy. Just yesterday I saw them collecting money, everyone was giving one girl money. I asked what it was for. I was told some random answer and naturally believed them. I could see that they needed money from everyone as there was a list, and pretty much they all had paid. I had no idea it would be for me today! They went to all that work… for me!?

A card, for me!?

My very own pen!

I was just sort of in a daze, a bit too happy.

I was kinda sad about my birthday, a couple weeks ago, honestly, that it wouldn’t be like at home. But God has my life in his hand and never fails to amaze me.

I went home for lunch and there was a place set all pretty for me with a green napkin.

We had wonderful Magronen.. or something like that, and freshly made apple sauce (apfel musse).

Then I got my present, or parcel, from my host family.

Once again, I was practically speechless.

They had gotten me my first Swiss Watch… and it was perfect for me!

It was a Swatch, I love their watches, with plaid and red on it.

And it is super cool.

And I adore it!

It matches my pencil case.

Natural High

And then I got to open my presents and packages from the mail.

My friends and family are amazing.

The cards made me laugh, the presents made ms laugh, I was just so happy.

You guys mean the world to me.

And from my real family, I even got a DVD they made.. it made me cry and laugh. Just when they make eye contact with the camera and talk to me, I cry. And then I laugh, cause my family is the greatest ever. And it was hilarious. And great. And I love it. And it is the bestest thing ever.

And my brother wrote me a song!!!! And Ashley did too! And life is epic!


And Jenny painted me pictures and made me a scarf and such!

And my parents sent me soap and my Dad`s CD (I love it!) and a pin (already on my jacket!) and chapstick (it has a weird name but tastest good)!

And Sarah sent me a CD of amazingness and iTunes gift card and two hilarous cards!

And my grandparents sent me cards and such!

And I had a card from Rachel and Emily!

Shout outs to my family, Jenny, Sarah, Emily L, Rachel, my grandparents, and the youth group for everything.


I think my hostmom made me a birthday cake, not quite sure.

All I know is she baked a cake this morning.

But I guess it was not for me, as it was half eaten when I saw it next.

And I never got a piece.

And that made me sad.

No cake for my birthday… why is it on the counter, she doesn`t make cakes just because, if not for my birthday? Or am I just self absorbed to think that a cake could be for me if it is baked on my birthday.

But they ate it without me.

So I admit I am confused.

But I am absoltuey thrilled and happy.

And I got a super happy call from Kristen! She is a snazzy person I tell you and I was just dancing with bliss of the day.

That is pretty much my birthday life. More about what happened in the afternoon later, but this is the birthday blog with only birthday things

And thank you EVERYONE for your birthday wishes by email, MySpace, Facebook, and wherever.

I read each of them and they all mean so much to me and I love you guys!

That`s my life!

That`s my birthday!

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allison said...

Oh my Maggie! Your birthday sounded AMAZING!!!!! And, I absolutely know what you mean about fountain pens and magicsticks, the French girl that stayed with me for two weeks had these and I was in awe. Luckily, one of my good exchange buddies here in Iceland is from Switzerland, maybe I can ask to borrow her magicstick and fountain pen sometime (thanks for reminding me). But, again, your birthday sounded amazing. TIL HAMINGJU MEÐ AFMÆLIÐ! (an Icelandic happy birthday)