Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My First Day of REAL School

My school is amazing (?)

Anyways... today I rode my bike to school at, um, 7:00. Not bad eh? I left early to meet Jorge at the train station and we walked to school together.

Mr. Maileh (however you spell his name) met us at the office and handed us our "timetables"... er, schedules.

Our school is crazy cool, I explain it another blog.

But we went into the flooded school, well, it had been flooded, to look for my class. It was alll orange! The school, I mean. And we couldn`t find them cause they were testing. When you do a test, you go into another room. And so I got a free period.

But first we walked Jorge to his class acrosst the street in this amazing (!!!!) building that looks like it is from the movies with pillars and columns and such and it was a lonnnng way up to the third or fourth floor by foot. The classrooms inside are modern, but the outside, it looks old. They call it the old school or something like that.

And so I had free time.

And Jessica found me.

And we talked.

And I read a English book I got at the library.

And I went to my next class, Geography.

Geography lasted for some two periods.. and it was really really boring. And it makes me wonder how I will get through this school year? It`s crazy not knowing what they are saying all the time.

Italian was a bit bettter.

Yes, I am learning Italian.. or trying to.

Italian is very simliar to Spanish (luck Jorge can actually understand it).... but it is hard to make the connections because I have to translate things a lot.

English --> German --> Italian

Italian --> German --> English

All the time.. cept when there are pictures or I understand the Italian.

But I now am so confused.

What is German? Italian? English? Spanish?

Talk about a brain overload.

And so we went to Italian and we did a computer program.. but I was so confused. But the people are kind and helpful to me.

I could never tell what was German and Italian.. but we conversed a bit in Italianisch asking people if they had items (Hai la Vespa? Ce`llo) or something like that. Anyways, the teacher talked to me realllly fast, and I just kept saying "si" "si" "si" and we all laughed at that... I had no idea what I was agreeing to. But he would say, "Gut!" or "No." Gotta love life.

And then I biked home for lunch.. where I am right now.

Yep... that is prettty much it. I will try and get some pics up soon!

Next I have Chemistry (grrr) and then art (grrr).

This will not be an easy year... haha, I will definitly start to drink coffee.

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Allison said...

Maggie, art is like the best class ever! It's so easy to understand. It doesn't matter if you don't know the language; you can recognize shapes, patterns, and colors! I have art first period and it is such a great way to start the day. No language overload, just art. I'm glad to hear that you're loving Switzerland!! It sounds amazing!