Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What Does a Swiss School Look Like?

This will be a couple part series as I come to collect pics of various areas of my school.

Overall, the school has three differnt types of building.

There is the old school... it is, well, old. It has columns and pillars and soooo many steps! I am on the fourth floor for my English and Italian language classes.

It is like something from a movie.

And within it is also my art classroom... it is amazing.

Like a ballroom... and the door is wooden and big. I dunno... I like it.

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And there are all these tables.

OOHHH.. and the chairs are swivil chairs! with wheels! So you can scoot around and spin and go up and down!

Next we have the room where I do Italian and English.

It is right across the hallway. And yes, there are more swivil chairs.. without wheels.

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I got those pics when I had to go back to the classroom to get my dictionary. And there are vids at the end of this so you can really see what it is like.

Anyways.. that is the old building.

We also have the new buildings. Which are two story tall boxes that are black and reddish.

So there are four of those.

And on top of that... we have the other school building.

It was flooded a while back, and so we only use the top story for classrooms. The bottom has the sort of commons hang out room.

I go there during breaks and free period.

There is a kiosk there where you can buy food.

And there is a brand new cafeteria! They never had a cafeteria until a week ago. Never ever! Everyone always had to go home or to Migros to eat. And it looks kind of like a restaurant, I think.

And the best part is the colours.

The whole building and interior is filled with crazy shades of loud orange, yellow, and blue.



More pics will come soon...


The Mom Unit said...

Oh no, Maggie and swivel chairs! Could be dangerous.

~Rachel~ said...

AHHHH! swivil chairs and maggie dont mix.
BTW, the videos you're putting on here are not playing. The say "OOPS! No video" would you send them to me if you can?